Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

The “suppose to be” chill Tagaytay visit turned out like this…


IMG_2016 - Copy

IMG_2023 - Copy

IMG_2068 - Copy

IMG_2070 - Copy

IMG_2073 - Copy

IMG_2089 - Copy

IMG_2099 - Copy

IMG_2102 - Copy

IMG_2133 - Copy

IMG_2113 - Copy

IMG_2127 - Copy

IMG_2129 - Copy

YES, Chinese food for lunch! HAKAW!

IMG_2134 - Copy

IMG_2143 - Copy

After the mouthwatering Chinese lunch, we had dessert at Urban Farm.

Oh hi there FATNESS! =))

IMG_2161 - Copy



But wait, it doesn’t end there.. it was still early so we brought our babies to Pet Starz.

(Grooming salon for pets).

IMG_2170 - Copy


Met this little sweetie named BEAMER. ❤


Thank you Pet Starz for these freebie goodies!


And the result…



Looking forward for the next holiday like this.. more adventure, more fun!

a BREAK from everyday stressful environment is the best.

See you soon,


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