Better late than never.. HK 💕

I am back! sorry for being MIA the past 2 months, I got caught from a LOT of work load.

Yes, last May 2015 my family & I went back to HONG KONG. 

I felt the same way again.. I don’t wanna go home (haha!!) Anyway, we stayed again at Rosedale Hotel Kowloon and their excellent service makes me want to go back.

We arrived at exactly 7:00 PM, after settling down we had a great dinner in a restaurant located in front of our hotel. (My apologies if I don’t know the name ‘coz it’s written in Chinese characters). That authentic restaurant served as our “go to” food. Whether if it was breakfast, dinner or even midnight snack we always eat there since it was really goooood!

The next day, our first destination was Macau. Sadly, when we went there it was raining so we actually didn’t really maximize the beauty of the place. It was Sunday then, so a lot of OFW’s were there at the jet terminal asking if we wanted for a tour guide. Luckily we had one who is really kind and even gave us free snacks and drinks from each hotel we visited. We used the hop in hop on bus to get through all the famous hotels we went.

On our way to the Macau Ferry Terminal


TurboJet (Ferry going to Macau from Hong Kong)

At Wynn Hotel, Macau

Sadly, its raining!! 

At Galaxy, Macau

At Venetian Hotel, Macau (IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL)

And for the main event…

BEEF JERKY MEAT!! So good, i swear.


PORTUGESE EGG TART! They are the best! I highly suggest that if you’re going to Macau, never ever ever ever ever leave the place without tasting the two most amazing food that ever existed in this world. Even if we actually didn’t see Senado Square and other places that Macau is known for due to the rain, it’s not bad at all since these two great food made my day complete. (HAHA)

So much for Macau, for our 2nd day was the wonderland place. Mind guessing? Okay, obviously its…



All white theme park peg ♥


This place never fail to make me feel that magic do exist.

We also went to  OCEAN PARK, HONG KONG

we strolled a lot around the city and the usual, felt our feet died. Shopping, shopping and SHOPPING! Yes, of course you’re in Hongkong so who doesn’t LOVE shopping?!


Craft Coffee Roaster located near our hotel.



Hello Jackie Chan!

At Avenue Of Stars

We spent 2 days for city tour.

And gladly, I had an alone time for a day. I got to explore again Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, Causeway Bay, Jordan and Central alone. I tried different artisanal cafe’s and discovered a lot of cool authetic shops.

So Basically, 5 days of being there is still not enough, SERIOUSLY NOT ENOUGH. 🙂

I don’t know why, but Hong Kong has a soft spot in my heart that I always want to go back and even wanting to live there. Maybe because everywhere is very convenient, organized and I really feel “homie” with the atmosphere. Bonus point is that I LOVE CHINESE FOOD.

I compiled a couple of Videos I have, check my HK Vlog on my Youtube Channel:



 Check it out!!!!

Nevertheless, i must say SEE YOU VERY SOON HONG KONG!

Better late than never so here it is!

See you soon,


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