Who doesn’t love cheesecake?

I can say that out of 10 people only 1-3 will only say they don’t love this marvelous food.

Personally, I love desserts and Cheesecake takes a big part of my relationship with sweets.

Last Monday I decided to wait for my cousin in SM since she insisted to pick me up and given that I came from work, I was too tired to go home. As I walked around the mall, I noticed that Bo’s Coffee is now open and thought why not give their dessert a try.

So yes, when my eyes laid on their cake section, I automatically said to the barista that I wanted their New York Cheesecake. I was so excited since its been a long time since I had this kind of cake. (PS it is my first time to taste it too).

When I settled down on to my seat I immediately had a portion of it and DAMN, IT WAS FREAKIN’ GREAT. It was like why did I just try it now?! 21 years of existence, WHY ONLY NOW, Gem?!

The taste was like heaven.

 I tasted its cheese at the very first bite, not any other cheesecake that is very sweet from the start and you’ll end dying because of goosebumps.. I can clearly remember how the cream cheese swam into my tongue and how the sweetness of it mixed with the saltiness of the cheese.

As I go along munching it, I observed that the consistency of the cake was very smooth as every part of it glides on to my mouth easily, and aside from that the filling was very thick. Going to the Graham(bread part) it was well mixed and soft, not too sweet but just right. For some people, It may just be an ordinary cake but I guess the reason why I fall in love with it is because it catches my drift. I can perfectly smell the cheese, I can taste the perfect blend of saltiness and sweetness, most especially the serving of it is just enough. not to small, not too big just right.

The price per slice is Php 140 which is very reasonable since the taste is majestic and likewise the serving is great.

In my opinion, I can include it on the list of my comfort food and even crave for it from time to time (like now).


FINAL VERDICT: The consistency of the cake is very smooth, soft and thick. The combination of its sweetness and saltiness is just right. plus point, that if you smell it, you’d really say that it is a Cheesecake. As a whole, I can give it a score of 9/10.

Tip: if you want something that will make you feel happy, try this! 

This is not a sponsored blog or what so ever, I decided to share this to you because I am confident that you will also feel the same way.

Certainly it’s LOVE AT FIRST BITE.

See you soon,


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