Bold, Brave & Bighearted

Olá amigo Como está você? I apologize for being so MIA for almost 5 months now. I know I missed a lot of adventures to tell you guys buy hey, I’m back!

2015 caught me off guard with a lot of adventures and filled it with roller coaster emotions. By the start of September, I lost track of how I can keep updating you guys for my escapades. I won’t be telling you every detail of each trip in this post since I will write and share everything later on.

So let’s start, I entered my wonderful trip enriching the unending waves of Siquijor at Coco Grove Beach Resort. I had no doubts of going back. It’s my kind of chill place, serene ambiance,  shallow inclined waves and its white sand. After which we transferred to Dumaguete, we haven’t really explored the city since we technically spent 2 days roaming around the city proper but if you’re up to go on a vacay for food,  its a must place to visit. The holy grail sansrival and silvanas are the best food that you can ever taste there.



At Coco Grove Resort



Silvanas & Sansrival

Then October came along, which was a whirlwind of fun, thrill and excitement. We visited Cebu and Bohol, my aunt and I didn’t suppose to go there but grabbed the opportunity of the sale seat promo of Cebu Pacific. So, as for Cebu just like in Dumaguete, we never got the chance to explore the island and the popular beaches, we just went there to go around the city and tried the must places to eat like the famous Zubuchon, Rico’s Lechon, Mooon Cafe, and Casa Verde. Then transferred to Bohol via Ocean Jet and there came another love at first sight for Panglao Beach. The island’s fine sand and wonderful sunshine loved me so much that I had to enjoy it just for a short time. The usual, we ventured one day to see all the top places to go there like the Chocolate Hills and the famous Tarsiers.


Mgellan’s Cross


At Panglao Beach

Chocolate Hills

Off we go out of the country after appreciating a part beauty of the Philippines, we flew to Singapore. It was a bittersweet trip since we wanted to go more the underrated places but time didn’t allow us to. Next to the busy place of SG is the best of all the best travel trip I have been so far and the highlight of my 2015. any guess? yes, its BALI! definitely I wont miss telling you everything on a separate post (which you need to wait for) we booked a flight for just 11 days but it turned out that nature had a little surprise for us and we extended for another 3 days. Cutlture, food, people, beach, sun, adventure, party, experience.. name it, you can find it in BALI.


Merlion Park

Haji Lane



Nusa Dua

That fast, December approached and we headed towards the end of my trip. Of course we wanted to visit a cold place, Hanoi caught our charm. Definitely, 5 days can’t be enough to roughly explore the rich culture and spots. Ha Long Bay was one of the most awaited part because of its exceptional attraction.


At Ha Long Bay


For the buzzer beater trip, it was in Bataan and went there with friends. Its been a while since the last time we hit the road and catch up. So, we went to visit Mt. Samat and then drove to Pampanga to eat their famous food.


(c) Samuel Pingol

I’ve been so blessed to witness the beauty of each and every place I’ve been to last year. And this year, I want to share it to everyone. Channel the inner wanderlust within you, and start exploring.

Life is too short to be miserable, to think about what people say about you, to be afraid. Go out and be yourself until you become rich in experience, delighted in heart and radiant in mind.


2015 thought me to be…

bold, brave and bighearted.

How about you? how did yours went through?

See you soon,


20 thoughts on “Bold, Brave & Bighearted

  1. Very interesting blog, my travelling days are sadly over, but I used to love to travel and experience different countries, the people who lived there and their food and culture, your blog brought that all back, especially your the pictures that you took.. Thank you for that.

    Liked by 1 person

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