Travel Essentials

As promised from my previous entry, I will post every week!

Yas, and here I am.

To tell you frankly, I am having a hard time scheduling one by one which first to publish. As you all know I got a lot of backlog from last year’s trips. And even if it’s overdue, I would still want to share each and every experience I had. Well so much for that, for this week, I decided to start with my essentials while I am on the road, travelling.

Well so much for that, for this week, I decided to start with my essentials while I am on the road, travelling.

Let’s begin!



Obviously, this is self-explanatory when travelling, you have to bring all your necessary documents so you can go on with your trip. Like Passport (when travelling internationally), plane ticket, boarding pass etc.  As you can see, I got a new Passport holder (which I am obsessed) I had this last December from a Christmas party (thanks, Pauline!).

       2. MONEY (cash, credit card, debit card etc.)


Just the same with #1, this is indeed necessary. To pay for your accommodation, food, transportation fees, entrance fees, pasalubongs etc. If you are going out of the country, make sure to know the latest exchange rate so you’ll be prepared on how much you will bring for your pocket money. One tip is that in case of emergency, always bring extra US Dollars with you. Why? because not all establishments accept credit/debit cards. At least, you are prepared with it, just go on the nearest legit money changer so you can have it exchanged to their local currency. Another is, if you will be bringing PHP peso there are other money changers that do not accept it, for some reasons they just exchange USD, EURO etc.. Lastly, some ATM machines aren’t available 24/7, so you can always rely on your emergency dollars. Be sure to be prepared.



This one is insanely a MUST for me. Since I love going out and exploring, I tend to be under the sun most of the time. So instead of bringing an umbrella, I will wear my own pair of sunnies to throw on some protection to my eyes.



Usually, during plane rides or even on road trips, I tend to plug on earphones into my ear. I want to feel the vibe of me going out and exploring so to vamp it up, I always listen to upbeat music. This one is a life saver for boredom when waiting so, I won’t be ever going out on a trip without this!



Of course, you are using your phone for music, scrolling through the net or even taking selfies with those beautiful sights so basically, you need to recharge those batteries. I am using Xiao Mi 10,400 MAh. I got this from Singapore because I was fed up of my previous power bank which was only 2,400 MAh. Also, power banks there is cheaper compare here in the PHL.



Duh, who leaves the house without their phone nowadays?! For me, this is so multifunctional. During my getaways, I do not bring a camera. Aside from it is too bulky & heavy, I prefer to take photos using my phone. I am still okay with the quality of my photos using this so I do not bother bringing SLR’s or Cameras. Another is that I always use my phone to check for the hottest and must visit places within the area I am visiting.

In case you are wondering what is my case, here it is:


I got it during my trip to Singapore from Charles & Keith. It is just a marble case. As far as I can remember I got it for only $11 I guess.



As much as possible I just bring 1 bag aside from the luggage/backpack that I am bringing, so I always prefer to bring a small body sling bag so I can move freely without any hassle minding the bag on my shoulder. Got mine from SM Department store. I minimize the things that I put into it, so mostly just my wallet, passport, compact powder, lipstick and wipes.



Whenever I ride a plane, I tend to have a chapped lip. So to prevent this, I am using my Burt’s Bees lip balm (I got it from duty-free) and my EOS (I got it from an online store). I find it so essential to bring this because I hate it when my lips tend to dry and crack.



You can never go wrong on bringing  a pen and a notebook during vacations. Always jot down your to-do lists and must-see. With this, you will know if you are moving forward through your list. Also, not just by writing what are your itineraries are, but also if you feel inspired placing down your thoughts you can always do it. It’s the best exercise that you can do for your mind while on the road.





They say,

“A good pair of shoes will take you to good places”

Probably true, because you need to use your feet to roam around and walk so, best to bring your comfy-est plus style-st shoes that you’ve got. As for me, I choose to bring a pair of white sneakers so that I can match it with any outfit.

As of where I go, at the moment, these are my TRAVEL ESSENTIALS.

How about yours?

Let me know.

See you soon,


21 thoughts on “Travel Essentials

  1. Travel essentials.

    As a guy, it depends on where I am going.

    I almost always bring a camera of sorts, but unlike most people who’re either just getting into photography, or cannot decide what to bring, I am almost always armed with a 50mm lens and my trusty D40. I don’t take much in the way of landscape shots, so I have no need for wide angles. Also the D40 + 50mm combo is pretty small.

    My phone and a power bank. Lately, I’d been cool taking pics with my phone.

    Wallet and ID’s in a water tight container (usually some clear cheapo plastic bag)


    Lip balm (believe it or not)

    My Zippo lighter and lighter fluid, along with a pack of cigarettes


    Combination knife

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      1. Worry not, my fiancee also thought it was fairly “kakaiba” and thought that I was joking when I told her I preferred Maybelline’s orange flavored one.

        Boy was she surprised when she was rummaging through my travel stuff a couple of days back. LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Of course we do, we’re both Filipino – born, raised and proud of it!

        She swears she will stuff sunblock and other skincare products in my bag whenever I travel. The pains of marrying a woman who’s into good skincare, and I have wanton disregard for it.


  2. This kind of post is my fave the most (essentials,routines and more about lifestyle). Hope you to post more like this and can I request if you can post about summer healthy foods and smoothies? Hehe thank you 😊😁💗

    Liked by 1 person

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