What SIQUIJOR left me with…

Summer is fast approaching, probably a lot of you have been daydreaming of relaxing on the beach while drinking a fresh cup of fruit juice or even a freshly picked coconut from the tree. Maybe, rolling out a mat on a fine sand while listening to the playful sound of the waves.

Even I want to have that kind of scenario each day. One place I can recommend to you is the province of Siquijor. We stayed at Coco Grove Beach Resort in San Juan, Siquijor, Philippines. It was recommended by my cousin due to its serene ambiance and a nice place to just admire God’s majestic creations.


To go there, you must take a plane bound to Dumaguete then ride a Ferry boat going to the Siquijor Port, in our case we rode Ocean Jet (click on the link for the schedules and prices of tickets).


Upon reaching the port, you have to ride a jeepney going to the resort but we asked Coco Grove to have a land arrangement and they picked us up from the there.



 All of the staff are very welcoming to us when we arrived the beautiful place. The moment we got inside the reception area there was a lady who offered us a complimentary drink.  Upon reaching our room, we actually took a nap before exploring the place because we didn’t have much energy to roam around since our flight then was so early, as early as 5 AM.


After the siesta time, of course, headed to the main attraction, which is the beach. As you can see from the picture above, it looks like we rented the whole resort. Not so many people. No loud music, just the waves of the ocean. Clear skies and most of all, fresh air.


On our first day, although we did not much do a lot beside from lingering the sand and eating, I witnessed the magical spot for admiring the sunset. Cotton candy sky, fresh air and good company. What can I ask for?


Siquijor crew

For our second, third, fourth and last day, we had breakfast beside the shore. We didn’t actually plan anything to do that day since all we want to do is to RELAX. (too lazy I know HAHA!) And yes as what you will be seeing in the next pictures, just a couple of chill and laidback shots.





Of course, relaxing can make you HUNGRY right? so we ate a lot of food and the most fun part of all was when we ate this Lobster (which you will see below). It was so freakin’ fresh and yummy, but yes a bit pricey though not like in Manila. Sometimes they serve it not “sariwa” so you end up spending a bunch but didn’t really enjoyed the freshness and divine taste it has.



A lot has happened during that trip. I had a fun with my aunt and cousin. I enriched once again the beauty of nature. And then realized that I am so lucky to actually have the chance to be present that moment.

I had a fun with my aunt and cousin. Enriched once again the beauty of nature. Then I realized that I am so lucky to actually have the chance to be present in those moments.

So, what did Siquijor left me with?


*PS: after this trip we had a mini tour in Dumaguete (which will be featured on my next post)


See you soon,


22 thoughts on “What SIQUIJOR left me with…

  1. What a gorgeous article and your pictures made me want to dive in and lounge on the beautiful beach. I loved your words, “cotton candy sunset.” What a perfect description!

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  2. What a BEAUTIFUL beach! How wonderful that you could spend time relaxing there and that you could share that pleasure with your aunt and cousin! The beach scenes look very inviting, considering when I look out my window I still see snow!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This post made me want to go back to the beach! I love your pictures. I was just checking out Coco Grove (Batangas) before reading this. Haha. Looking forward to your next post. ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Fantastic post! What a beautiful place! I do so wish I could just escape there…now would be good! The lobster looks just too delicious! Keep having adventures and keep posting!
    PS. You are stunningly beautiful, by the way!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Those are beautiful beaches. They look much like the ones near here on the Great Lakes, except that we don’t have palm trees. No, they wouldn’t like our cold, snowy winters! You have great fashion sense and look elegant. Thanks for your nice compliment on my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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