Make up brushes that you’ll love

Now a days make up is a necessity for most people. It is not because we are pretentious or covering our true selves behind each blemish, but its also our way of showing everyone how we express ourselves.

I started wearing make up when I was in college, way back then I didn’t realize that there are a different brushes that must be used when applying different make up products. like Foundation, blush or concealer.

Last month, Pretty Angel Shoppe sent me a 10 pcs. Brush set + their famous Mushroom Brush.

If you are a starter who wants to have a complete set of make up brushes, I highly reccomend this product.

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In that 10 pcs. Brush Set, you will receive 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes.

As you can see it comes with a white plastic handle with a gold accent piece in the middle. Clearly visualized, the bristles are soft and densely packed with two-toned hair. As I was using this for a month now, I also tried washing them off with a brush cleaner and I noticed that there’s no shedding during and after it.

They have other colors of this which are black and pink. Lucky enough, Ms. Shirleen Yu of Pretty Angel Shoppe sent me the white one. I love it that it looks so sophisticated.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

All of them are very soft and fine when you spread it on to your face. I have a sensitive skin so it is really important for me to check and test if brushes wont react or end with a negative result. True enough, its synthetic is very safe to use. I have two most favorite face brushes from this set. One is the flat top kabuki brush. I have been using this alternatively with the mushroom brush since it makes your blending easier. Whether you pat or glide the liquid product on to your face, it excelently works like magic. Actually even on cream products, it also works absolutely fine.

Second is the angled brush, which is so incredibly perfect for applying the contour and blush. So far, this is the perfectly fine brush for the hollows and apples of my cheek because its size fits very well.

I also love it that you have enough control with the brush because it is made to be so soft in a way that it is right and perfect. Not like any other brushes that you see, when you put the make up on one side it would release all the color on that portion. But with this brushes, everything is really easier. All you need to do is to blend, blend and blend. 🙂

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Let us now move on to the eye brushes. So this set comes with 5 amazing eye brushes.

Ever since I started wearing make up, I usually don’t put eye product on since I am on a “go to” setting every morning. But when I feel like i look like sh*t that day, I pop a bit of color on to my eyes. But of course, I put eye make up on during occasions.

I tried everything that comes with the set and I have three favorites which are the: Angled small brush (2nd ) it helps me create a sexy smokey look very effortless especially on the outer V corner. Fluffy blending brush (4th) which helps in blending the whole eye make up easier since its bristles perfectly fits well in brushing off all the harsh lines on your eye. Lastly, the detailer brush (5th) that I find very nice when you pat and pop a bit of vibrance on to the color of your lid that creates a great job.

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Moving on to my favorite part which is the MUSHROOM BRUSH.

Lately, i saw this from a lot of beauty gurus, youtubers, and bloggers. They were absolutely raving about this product. And I became curious..


Maybe not because it was sponsored that they have to be “OA” on telling that it is a product with magic.

I didn’t even see any negative reviews about this aswell.

Until the day came, that I have it in my hands

And you guys, they are not kidding at all. This product works like magic. I do not know but it is incredible that it has an airbrush finish to your face and I am so obsessed with it. Yes, I sound OA now but you will never know until you have tried and tested it.

I use it almost everyday to apply my liquid foundation. And it really helps to eliminate the cakey appearance of your face after a couple of hours you have the make up on. I do not know the explanation why, BUT.. I observed that since the bristles are fine and it is densed, it glides smoothly on to my face that gives an amazing powder finish to it. I tried both patting and pushing motion and as well us swirling movements, both works perfectly fine.


10 Pcs. Brush Set (5 face brushes + 5 eye brushes) – 700 PESOS

Mushroon Brush – 220 PESOS


Packaging/Appearance: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Price: 5/4

Availability: 4/5






Whether you are starting out or a pro, I highly recommend this set plus the mushroom brush. For the quality that it can give you, IT IS A MUST. Bonus point, that the products are cheap. It is super blendable, super soft, super densed and it glides easily well.

How about you?  Have you tried these brushes?

What are your thoughts?

Will this be the MAKE UP BRUSHES THAT YOU’LL LOVE too?

Let me know.


See you soon,


3 thoughts on “Make up brushes that you’ll love

  1. Your blog is soooo awesome, I have had to atop my online store as it was taking up to much of my time but I do have some left over stock I am going to giveaway and send to people to test would you like to test some of the products I have left, I have two young kids so I apologise in advance if I dont get back to your reply right away I am not being rude, I promise!! xx

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