Summer Suit

Hi everyone! How’s your summer so far? I hope you’re having great one.

Well, as for me? naaaahh it’s always summer so I don’t mind rushing to the beach, fitting in a crowded beach and flaunting out a bikini bod (if there is HAHA).

So  instead of me flashing out myself wearing a bikini, I just dressed up my baby lappy on. About a month now, I received a package from Coco & Toffee. Debbie (the owner) sent me a  Banana Yellow Matte Macbook case with a Laptop sleeve.

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Upon opening the package I was so delighted because I haven’t had any case that of this bright, and who cares its summer right? 🙂 Then inside it there is also a very sleek and light weight summer-y themed sleeve that then again matched my sweet bright case.

Let’s start with the sleeve, I got the Savannah Laptop Sleeve (Tropical Leaves) which is so nice and spacious. At first when I saw it online I thought It would just fit my laptop on and some small stuff, like its charger, powerbank, pens etc. But little did I know that even papers, books and even big bulk of folders can fit in. It is so spacious that I can stuff in a lot of things. I think that it is so handy that I can even use it as my own bag since I can put in almost all my things. As for me, this is an advantage because I won’t be having any much trouble of bringing a lot of bags together with my laptop.

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Although I do not bring my laptop everyday for work, I think this could be a great investment for students to have this especially those who are in college because this can save your life fom bringing a lot of bags and aside from just holding your laptop with just your hand/arm (which is dangerous as well from pick pockets). I believe that this can shoulder on your numerous paper inside.

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I, myself have tried bringing this together with 2 books and a bunch of papers inside and I can say that the quality is superb! As much as I have my laptop inside it and the weight is kinda heavy. After checking through the sling of it, I noticed  it didn’t loosen up. Which is perfect, it just means that whether how heavy your stuff are, it won’t wreck the bag. Lastly, I noticed that the bag is so sleek that it doesn’t ruin the form even if you have a lot of things in it. It is so important for me to have this kind of quality in a bag since it will accentuate the style.

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Moving on to the exciting part which is the case! I got the Banana Yellow Macbook Case which is so on point since the color is so summer-y. As you may know, summer is my favorite season since I got to wear bright clothes and accessories. That means that not only me should wear “on-fleek” clothes, so does my lappy too 🙂

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I am so excited to talk about this one because ever since I got this, I am so inlove with it. As my friends know me, I tend to change the case of my gadgets frequently because I get the “sawa” factor on the color or the design. I used to change twice in a month (which is so bad!). But now, I got addicted to this one that I hope I’d only change whenever this one is already broken (but please not too soon haha).

I do not know why but Yellow is not even my favorite color, it is not even a color that I would normally choose or even so it will not be the color that I would really pick for a certain thing that I will use. But this one, catched my liking. I guess it’s the intensity that it gives to my laptop. It is not a super bright yellow but a suttle yellow. Even if it is a bright color it is not harsh in the eyes whenever you look at it.

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When it comes to the texture, it’s matte. I love how it feels so nice whenever I touch my laptop and since it is glossy, it doesn’t slip on my hand/arms easily.  I observed the sides of it since from the previous case I had, which is so weird that I even got it from the Mac store, its sides chipped off. Yes, it cracked and chipped off. Weird right? To be clear, I haven’t dropped my laptop or even crashed it on a hard surface. I do not know if it is because of the hot weather that it cracked by itself or whatsoever. So that is my main concern now, I observed that I didn’t get any crack or chipping off from the sides. It’s still perfectly fine, which is a plus point for me.

The case also has small bars of outlet underneath that can release heat from your laptop. Even the four sides of it have a small white cushion stand that lets the air pass through it whenever you place it or use it on your table.

Maybe the only downside that I can say is that, it can easily get dirty or get dusty whenever you just place it on your table. Since it’s texture is soft matte, I tend to have little dust or even dog hair on my case. But nonetheless, it’s not a big issue for me ‘coz I can easily remove it.

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Just to share this to you, Coco & Toffee has been operating since June 2013. One of the longest online shop that sells good quality cases. Debbie said that way back then she hasn’t seen any one selling cases in the online market specifically on Instagram so she tried her luck and good thing it boomed. They sell different kinds of fashionable and elegant cases for Macbook, Ipad, Laptop sleeves and other laptop accessories. Another fact, aren’t you curious why “Coco & Toffee” is the name of her shop? Well, I asked that and knew that it is the names of her dogs. How cute is that. 🙂


Banana Yellow Macbook Case – 550 PESOS

Savannah Laptop Sleeve (Tropical Leaves) – 1,350 PESOS


Appearance: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Price: 5/5

Availability: 4/5







I think that even if you invest in price-y and high quality gadgets but you do not take good care of them, you won’t prolong their life span. Coco & Toffee cases are very much durable and in high quality. For a laptop case, it provides a good price since with other stores they can charge you much more higher prices. With regards to the sleeve, if you are a student, working, or even a traveller you need their laptop sleeve. It is a good investment as well as it is an additional protection to your gadget. Why not protect it by being fashionable too?

*If you plan to buy, use my code: GEMCXT so you get 100 pesos off for a minimum purchase of 1000 pesos*

Valid from May 29- June 3


How about you, what suit are you using?

What are your thoughts?

What do you think about my SUMMER SUIT? Fab? Gorg?

Let me know.


See you soon,



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