How to be SOOPER BEAUTEful

Hola everyone! How are you?

I’ve been MIA for the past weeks because I got trapped in a busy “work-life” situation. But anyway, while dealing on that busy-ness going on to my life, a lot of people are asking me what lipstick and cheek product do I have on and literally I got crazy questions about it. So here you go guys… MY SECRET

About a month ago, I got a package from a local organic brand called “SOOPER BEAUTE”. They basically sell organic make up & skin care products that have a lot of skin care benefits and are cruelty free. I was so astounded when I got the products because I’ve seen it from a couple of beauty bloggers who were that time raving about it. It gave me the huge urge of curiosity to try the products and see for myself why are they so into it.

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Sooper Beaute asked me of what products do I want and said I wanted to try their lipstick line of “so matte” lipsticks. But when I got the box they gave me tons of other products as well which you will see in a while. 🙂

So before proceeding to the main product of this post, I would first share the other products they included in the box.

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Sooper Beaute Tinte BB Creme

Upon opening the box I immediately held on to this product because I am a “foundation girl” I wanted to see if this will work on to my oily skin type. Normally, I only put a full face base or northing, so nothing in between. The smell of the bb cream is really like a hint of a watermelon and an organic smell. I found this product very blendable & creamy but as I expected it didn’t work for me since I have an oily skin, and the weather here is so humid. But for all girls out there who are not oily as I am, you should try this out since the consistency of this product is amazing as well.

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Sooper Beaute Cheeky Balm

On to the next product, I am very happy to share this to you since personally I reallllllllly love this blush. As I mentioned above, cream based products doesn’t work for my skin type but this little baby right here is the bomb! Again, I was hesitant at first to put this on but when I applied this  with the foundation that I normally use (which is either L’oreal True Match or Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation), IT REALLY WORKS VERY WELL! As you can see on the swatch it has a very natural flushed pink shade. It can create a very nice fresh glow on to your face. And just to warn you, a little goes a long with this product so start with a minimal amount what you apply this.

So now, let’s move on to the lip products they sent me.

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Sooper Beaute Lip & Cheek Lacquer

The moment I saw this, I immediately tried it. Though I haven’t tried this on my cheeks, it works perfectly nice on my lips. You can just directly apply it but as I like experimenting a lot of lip colors I first put on a lip liner of my choice then I put this on top of it.

As you can see:

Orion – has a hint of pinkish warm nude shade.

Juno – warm orange nude

Mercedes – reddish/orangish deep nude shade

All of the lacquers glided smoothly on my lips as I had no problem applying it on. I can definitely recommend this to those girls out there who are into shiny gloss lips. As my friends know me, I am deeply inlove with matte lip finish lippies but I can definitely exempt this one because the pigment is superb even if it just a gloss and most especially it doesn’t feel very sticky on my lips.

THE “SO MATTE” LIPPIES that you’ve all been waiting for.

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Okay, probably you are now all freaking out since the shades are beyond perfection. Please note that the shades will depend on your natural lip color and also it differs from the hand swatches.

Yes, if you are into a nude & matte kind of lipsticks, I believe this can perfectly suite you.

Tucana – nude pinkish shade; perfect when matched with Orion (lip & cheek lacquer)

Draco – nude orange warm shade; perfect when matched with Mercedes (lip & cheek lacquer)

Norma – nude peachy shade (lighter); perfect when matched with Juno (lip & cheek lacquer)

Andromeda – deep reddish plum shade

Hydra – deep brown nude shade

These days, nude lipsticks are so trendy since a lot of make up brands are creating the neutral shades and perfecting it base on the liking of each brand’s particular market. In my personal opinion if you are looking for an organic local brand that provides : PIGMENT, SKIN CARE BENEFIT, MATTE FINISH, NUDE SHADES. Then Sooper Beaute’s “So-Matte” line is perfect for you. You can use this for different occasions and even on a daily basis. As what is indicated they use grapeseed extract and beeswax as the main ingredients to curate the lovely lippies so definitely it is safe and won’t leave a dark pigmentation in the long run. Perfectly tested, I can an assure you that it has an ultra hydrating feel on your lips that you wont feel chappy even if it’s matte, because they are creamy as well. Lastly, I noticed that this product has a long wear benefit. I experienced it wearing for almost 8 hours and I only got minimal fading, even if I ate oily food.

On the next photos, I will show you how it projects on my lips. (BEWARE: LOADS OF SELFIES HAHA)


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Tinte BB Cream – 250 PESOS

Cheeky Balm  – 380 PESOS

Lip & Cheeck Lacquer – 380 PESOS

So Matte Lipsticks – 430 PESOS


Packaging/Appearance: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Price: 5/5

Availability: 4/5





PS: This post is sponsored but I gave my honest opinion in all of the products.


As for my final thoughts, I can truly recommend their products if you are looking for a great way to glam up on a daily basis. It can give you a fresh “aura” that people will notice how glowing you are. As for all the products they gave me, the bb cream is the only product that I think I need to try working on since it really highlighted the oilyness on my face. As for the packaging, I really think that the concept is really nice refreshing that really matches their theme.

**Support Local Brands**

So are you asking me, HOW TO BE SOOPER BEAUTEFUL?
Then, start trying their products!

See you soon,



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