So, what’s inside my box?

HOLLA, HOW'S EVERYBODY? I know ya'll got curious on what's inside my box. Actually, I got this from Glamourbox last July. (yes, long over due... I KNOW ITS ALMOST SEPTEMBER) Glamourbox is a beauty subscription box. Basically, you have to pay for certain months and you will receive a bunch of products that cost way … Continue reading So, what’s inside my box?

How to be SOOPER BEAUTEful

Hola everyone! How are you? I've been MIA for the past weeks because I got trapped in a busy "work-life" situation. But anyway, while dealing on that busy-ness going on to my life, a lot of people are asking me what lipstick and cheek product do I have on and literally I got crazy questions … Continue reading How to be SOOPER BEAUTEful