Better late than never.. HK 💕

I am back! sorry for being MIA the past 2 months, I got caught from a LOT of work load. Yes, last May 2015 my family & I went back to HONG KONG.  I felt the same way again.. I don't wanna go home (haha!!) Anyway, we stayed again at Rosedale Hotel Kowloon and their excellent service … Continue reading Better late than never.. HK 💕


Its a must!

Its been a while since that last time I ate here and i must say, I MISSED THE PLACE ESPECIALLY THE FOOD! With that, H•Home deserves a blog post 😂😂😂 Because I was too stressed and tired of work, I decided to pamper myself. When I say "pamper" it means, "I NEED GOOD FOOD" My … Continue reading Its a must!